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The free program helps you increase the quality of your photographs by allowing you to change brightness, contrast, saturation and other color characteristics with a mouse or a keyboard. Pixelator software is a simple yet powerful photo editing tool that will enhance the overall look of your pictures in no time. You can adjust the contrast and brightness, tone down the colors of your images, add basic photo effects to them or even create amazing special effects and portraits. Besides this, you can tweak your photos on the microscopic level, apply multiple photo filters to them or even use channel extraction and gradient maps to reveal details that were hidden before. Just like other tools, Pixelator’s interface is easy to use. No matter if you’re a complete beginner or a professional photographer, all you have to do is create a new document and load the pictures in it. Then, you can apply one of the available editing functions to the picture, adjust any slider or apply an effect. After all of this is done, just click on the “Save” button to make the changes permanent. When you’re done editing, you can always go back to your original image. To save it, just hit the “Save as…” button and then move it to the desired location. With Pixelator, you can make your photos look just like you want them to, without investing a single penny. Pixelator Review: Pixelator is an easy-to-use program that allows you to make your photos look better by using several editing tools to modify the contrast, saturation and brightness, or by applying various color adjustments. It supports both standard and RAW files. Pixelator’s feature set is very rich and comprehensive, but it may be a little overwhelming for beginners. Pixelator Pros It’s a free, portable and lightweight application. The program features a large number of tools that can be used to edit and enhance your photos. It’s easy-to-use. Pixelator Cons The interface may be a little overwhelming for beginners. The software can handle only standard images. Pixelator’s small size may also be considered a disadvantage. Pixelator Software Download Links VSCO Cam is the only program that can transform an iPhone into a high-quality photo and video camera. The app boasts a wide array of filters that can enhance your photos in a variety of ways. VSCO Cam Features: – Numerous

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Additions Pixelator Features & improvements: – Added “Show Adjustments Layer” and “Hide Adjustments Layer” menu items – Some minor UI improvements – Fixed an issue where using the image size and resolution set – Improved compatibility with some graphic cards – Various minor improvements – Fixed an issue where moving the selection over image would cause immediate close – Various minor bug fixes – Improved compatibility with e.g. Photoshop – Various small changes in the user interface – Many many small bug fixes – Fixed an issue where exporting the image with “Resize to” width larger than the file size would result in image quality loss – Various minor bug fixes – Improved compatibility with CS3 – Improved compatibility with ColorAdvance – Various minor improvements – Improved performance – The application’s executable has been optimized – Various minor bug fixes – Improved compatibility with CS4 – Various small improvements – Improved compatibility with ColorAi – Fixed an issue where “Resize to” width set to 2 would result in all image resizing being disabled – Fixed an issue where pressing “Save” button without actually selecting a new directory would result in an error message – Fixed an issue where “Save As…” would open image selection window, when the file already exists – Fixed an issue where exporting the image with “Resize to” width larger than the file size would result in image quality loss – Fixed an issue where exporting the image with “Resize to” height larger than the file size would result in image quality loss – Fixed an issue where using Shift+CMD+J would result in the “Undo” action being performed twice – Various minor bug fixes – Fixed an issue where using “Navigate” button in image selection window, when the image size and resolution is set, would result in an error message – Fixed an issue where selecting a folder that has “” in its name would result in an error message – Fixed an issue where saving the image would result in another, not yet saved image being overwritten

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Pixelitor is an easy to use image editing software, which allows you to make your photos look awesome. This powerful yet easy to use image editing tool is a must-have for both amateur and professional photographers, thanks to its wide array of features, comprehensive controls and simple user interface. Up to 6 layers can be created at a time and saved as a preset. The presets can then be applied to any picture you take. The layers are applied one at a time, by dragging the cursor across the area that has to be changed. The preset can then be saved and used as a new preset in the future. You can save layers as presets and use them later on when editing new pictures. Blending modes are the most important tool for image manipulation, because the colors of an image are determined by the color balance and contrast that are applied. Pixelator has 12 different blending modes and in all of them the image color is changed with the blending mode. You can select the blending mode with the M key or use the shortcuts F11 or F12 to activate the blending modes. Pixelator has 6 different blending modes: Darken, Multiply, Overlay, Color, Gradient and Posterize. In order to change the color balance and contrast, multiple layers have to be used. You can create as many as you want and assign them custom names, so that you can remember exactly what each one does. The layers can be merged, but the layers can’t be saved once you finish editing your image and they are discarded after the picture is exported. When it comes to the adjustment options, you can change the color balance, saturation and brightness of the image, as well as the contrast. You can use the in-depth color adjustment features and you can apply color, channel extracting and gradient map effects. An important feature, which you may find useful, is the ability to apply blur. There are several kinds of blur, which can be applied to the image and you can adjust them to your liking, using sliders. Using the water ripple effect, you can get a different look to your image. The intensity and the shape of the ripple can be adjusted using sliders, as well as the amount of blur and the kind of blur (for example gaussian or box). You can use the magnify effect to make your image look more interesting. You can adjust the level of blur, the intensity of the blur and the amount of the image you want to be magnified. You can reduce the noise levels of your photos using a blur filter, but you can also use a noise reducer and create your own settings for it. All settings can be applied using sliders. In conclusion Pixelator is an all-in-one tool for image manipulation. Its incredible set of features will enable you to edit your photos in a wide variety of ways, thanks to the numerous adjustable sliders and controls.


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