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AH-CS is a small application that allows you to quickly tweak your registry settings. Whether you just want to browse your registry or perform specific popular tasks, AH-CS is the tool you need. You can hide, show, disable or enable your taskbar, system tray, start button, desktop icons, system tray clock etc.


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Most of the time, we need to launch applications from a certain directory on our computer, but some of us prefer to save time and effort by putting everything on the desktop. Some of you might also prefer to remove the hard drive icon from the desktop so that you can better monitor its contents from the mouse icon. Unfortunately, this isn’t always possible. Advanced Launcher is an application with the ability to use the Minimize to Tray or the Minimize to Bookmark option with one click. That is all it does. Advanced Launcher does not try to come up with ideas for amazing functionality or super-duper features; it is simply a quick launcher that you can minimize to a tray icon. Tray icon size can be customized The program also features the ability to set an icon size which is not only customizable but also configurable. Various entry points to remove launcher from the desktop Advanced Launcher does not come with an option to remove the launcher icon from the desktop, but you can use the following entry points in order to remove the icon from the desktop: –

Advanced Launcher

Developed by: License: Free (GPL) eFileSystem Utilities – Utilities – eFileSystem Utilities is a collection of utilities that makes it easy to upload and download files on your PC. Features include MP3 and MP4 player, FTP and HTTP client, picture and video browser, system file browser, archive manager, and image viewer. Extra Options is a software for developers of applications for Windows, designed to facilitate creation of simple applications, that use special interfaces of extra options. All extra options appear on the toolbar, in the status bar and in the system tray. They help users quickly launch favorite applications. Main features of Extra Options are: 1. Very easy and comfortable way to add an icon and a short text to your application; 2. Easy to navigate through the list of all installed programs and launch the program you want; 3. You can launch programs with a double click on your icon; 4. You can remove any program from the list of extra options; 5. You can add new icons and texts to the list of extra options. eFileSystem Utilities – Utilities – eFileSystem Utilities is a collection of utilities that makes it easy to upload and download files on your PC. Features include MP3 and MP4 player, FTP and HTTP client, picture and video browser, system file browser, archive manager, and image viewer. Extrariver (formerly known as My Web Browser) is a lightweight web browser for the Windows operating system. It was designed to be fast, reliable, stable and portable. It was also designed to give the user full control over their browser’s settings, features, web sites, downloads and even their privacy. MobileControl is a control panel for users of Windows Mobile-based PDA, smart phone, and other mobile phones. MobileControl includes all the features of a desktop-based control panel, with all of the power of a control panel for Windows Mobile 2003 Smartphones. MobileRK is a toolbar for Windows Mobile 2003 smart phones. The application is automatically installed on all smart phones with ActiveSync enabled. You can configure different profiles, select one of them and assign programs to it. Phone Bridge is a software application for PDA devices such as mobile phones, PDAs, GPS receivers, and digital cameras. This program allows users to sync, view, share, store and edit contacts, memos and notes, calendar entries, e-mails, and various types of files between 2edc1e01e8

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Advanced Launcher is a Windows utility that allows you to quickly create custom toolbars with links to programs, documents, system folders, commands, Internet pages, email addresses, and menus. It’s a small application with multiple settings, so it’s easy to create a new toolbar from scratch. Cost: Free Platform: Windows Advanced Linker A user-friendly shortcut tool with a beautiful design. It’s designed to simplify your daily work in the following three ways. Ease of use Unlike other shortcut tools, Advanced Linker does not request a constant Internet connection and allows you to create as many shortcuts and links to pages as you need. For example, you can create shortcuts for contacts in Microsoft Exchange Server or a URL to a page in your favorite news website. The program offers a pretty simple interface where you can add or delete shortcuts and edit the properties of existing ones. Advanced Linker works perfectly for both Windows 7 and Windows 8, and it can be updated through the integrated updater. You can decide whether to use the tiny toolbar by default, minimize it to the systray, or dock it. Manage links with ease Advanced Linker gives you the ability to arrange the shortcuts and links in a toolbar, change the caption and icon of the toolbar, and even dock it to a convenient position on the desktop. In the toolbar’s settings, you can also customize the appearance of the buttons with multiple colors and sizes. By default, Advanced Linker launches Windows Explorer, the Internet browser, and system settings, but you can change the default behavior according to your preferences. You can also specify whether the „Add this shortcut“ action should automatically change its size, or it should stay the same, according to the size of the window. Accurate parsing Advanced Linker can recognize and modify the format of file, e-mail, or URL addresses, so you can easily create shortcut links to any existing file, webpage, or e-mail message in the default browser. Advanced Linker is a simple tool that allows you to create shortcuts with any number of URLs or files in your preferred format. Create as many shortcuts and links to system folders, file types, mail messages and contact details as you want. Advanced Linker gives you options to customize each shortcut and link, such as a captivating icon, launcher button, or size of the link and the attached application. Advanced Linker is a free application that you can use for your convenience.

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This add-on provides the possibility to launch any Windows application directly from the XBMC GUI. It also provides the possibility, to download from several Internet databases and manage metadata information and images linked to these applications. It is able to launch applications from any version of Windows, using the following features: · Command line arguments. · Start menu and desktop context menus. · Windows window. · Windows Explorer context menu. · Shareable links to several Internet databases. · A launcher icon. · Support for Internet explorers since Internet Explorer 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10. · Support for Windows desktop context menus since Windows 98. · Support for Windows desktop window since Windows Vista. Advanced Launcher Download: You can disable the automatic updates for this add-on through the Help->About menu item Changelog: 16.1 · Fix for compatibility with Python 3. · Fix for the remote control button in the top right corner. 15.1 · Fix for Windows 10. · Support for Internet Explorer 11. · Fix for several issues, such as the XBMC menu bar, the keyboard shortcuts. 15.0 · Support for Internet Explorer 9. · Support for Internet Explorer 10. · Support for Internet Explorer 11. 14.2 · Ability to select a specific folder for the downloads. · Fix for compilation issues with Python 2.6. · Fix for search using case sensitive. · Fix for the remote control button. 14.1 · Improvement on Unicode/locale support. 14.0 · New Downloader: Plex which can download directly from a list of movies. 13.2 · Support for download from several Internet databases. · Support for the transmission of previous downloads. · Several bug fixes. 13.1 · New Downloader: Google Images. 13.0 · Ability to launch applications from the Xbox media center, in full screen mode. · Several bug fixes. 12.1 · Several bug fixes. 12.0 · Ability to download zip

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Windows XP Windows Vista Windows 7 Mac OSX 10.5 or later Mac OSX 10.6 or later Adobe Flash Player 10 or later 5 GB of space A broadband Internet connection A Microsoft Windows account to access Games for Windows Live and Xbox LIVE Q: How do I get the trial version of Aliens vs. Predator®: The Video Game? Aliens vs. Predator®: The Video Game is available in the following ways: Download the game from Xbox LIVE for your

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